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"Our group is impactful, fun, encouraging and for you."

I am an Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, I work with Midlife Women.

Do you need to create more time for you, to build your confidence and self-belief and feel excited about this chapter in your life?

I work with mind body and spiritual connection; I will help you tune into your intuition and support you on your journey through midlife and beyond. As your coach I will help you reach the itch you can’t scratch and unlock the potential and the curiosity you have to live a full healthy, magical life.

In our members Facebook group you will find like minded ladies who will be working on their inner conflicts to create more confidence and make their dreams a reality.

We cover physical health with an array of exercise for longevity rather than the elusive six pack! We cover Nutrition and sensible eating, getting the best nutrition for menopause and beyond.

Emotional support with live coaching covering those pinch points and blocks to get you out of your own way and push past your fears.

I will help you tune into your intuition, trust your instincts and use resources such as moon cycling to know the best way to create the magic and have maximum impact on your goals.

Is it now time to take your needs and dreams off the back burner and make them a reality?