• Finally get clarity on what you want from midlife 

  • How to overcome your fear, so you can make those changes to create magic in your midlife

  • Outside validation, how to find a deep inner trust and confidence

A Magical Midlife

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I am Wendy Fell, I’m 52, and I am embracing my midlife with purpose, magic and adventure.

I want the same for YOU.

I have had so many ‘rabbit in headlight’ moments.

Times when fear has felt overwhelming, but I pushed through.

I have taken many leaps, some scary, some so damned exciting. All these events helped build my confidence.


I tuned into my heart, my intuition, something so many of us ladies have lost connection with.

Seeing midlife ladies embrace who they are, step into the potential, believe and trust in themselves, is so empowering.

It gives me so much joy to see the breakthroughs when I coach.

The lightbulb moments.

I have been in women’s health for over 20 years, I am a passionate about my business as a mindset coach and NLP practitioner.

I use both my learning and life skills to help you find purpose and fulfilment in your midlife and beyond.

I have walked the walk, I have faced and overcome many of your fears.

Time suddenly becomes so precious, we don’t want to waste a moment.

My clients have gone from being locked in fear and frustration of change, to major breakthroughs that has given them with newfound confidence.

I am a wife to my second husband Jonnie, a mum of two grown up children who I always aim to inspire confidence in.


Let’s get started on this journey of clarity and confidence

Wendy xx

A Magical Midlife

Please enter your details below to receive your

3 Confidence Videos