*Moonology Coaching*


I am offering a 90-minute Moonology    Coaching.


What’s involved?

Learn about your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.


What they mean, and why your Rising sign is the one to follow


How to work with all 12 Zodiac signs in your own personal chart. Yep, we are influenced by all of them.


Have a 12-month plan of working with both New and Full moons and how they best work for YOU. 



Maximise manifesting by understanding the Houses that the moon is in on your personal chart. Learn how to work with the energies of both the Full and New and the 2 Quarter moons. North and South Nodes in your chart, what they mean.


What are we being encouraged to move away from, this includes our comfort zone, and move towards to help us grow and develop?


Know your own Cosmic Correspondence.


What Divine feminine energy supports you?


Who is your Archangel and how you can use their wise teachings? 4 Card Oracle reading to see what’s rising up for you and the best solutions moving forward.


Plus, a full printout of your 12-month Moonology chart.


Your own personal document of all the information I coach you through, including the traits of each Zodiac sign and how they can show up for you.


All the information discussed in the coaching around Full, New and quarter moons, so you can continue to work effectively with the lunar cycle going forward.


What the 12 Houses mean and how to read them on your chart to get the best when manifesting your dreams.

Here are some testimonials from ladies who have had the Moonology Coaching….


Trudie Woods

My Moonology reading with Wendy today was fascinating and so informative. Such a lot of work had gone into putting all the information together and learning how to intentionally use the power of the moon. The best part of the reading for me was learning which areas of my life would benefit the most when creating my wishes on the different new moons and which area of my life to send releasing energy on the full moons.


I learned my true star sign and my rising sign, and this has highlighted for me a direction to take in my life, being the real me and has helped to understand who I really am. Extra bonus to this reading was finding out I have my own Goddess and Archangel and how to use this information to support my new moon intentions and release at full moon. I am excited to use the knowledge I have learned from Wendy to increase my life potential.


Also special was the 4-card oracle reading Wendy gave to finish the session, providing more insight to what may lie ahead for me. I loved this Moonology reading and thank you Wendy for all your hard work in putting it all together.


Donna Peck

I have just had a moon chart reading (Moonology reading) with Wendy and to say that my mind is completely blown is an understatement. There is such richness to the information that Wendy shares with you which is exciting and inspiring. You get to find out about your rising sign, a load of information about the houses and a broad idea about all the other signs.


Who knew all that they mattered as well! As if this wasn’t enough, you then find out where the full and new moons fall in your chart. This is particularly exciting, as you can see how to use the moons rhythm to decide when to plan things in order for them to have the biggest impact on your life. After the session you receive a pack of all the goodies that Wendy has shared with you.


The work that goes into the reading beforehand, through and after is amazing. In true Wendy style it is all done with immense passion and integrity which shines throughout the whole of your time together. If you are just a little bit curious about the moon and its influence on your life, I can’t recommend this remarkable session highly enough. Sarah Barton


Have you ever wondered why you are like you are? Why do some things matter to you a lot, but not to other people? What makes you, you? Well, I have…. Constant endless thoughts running through my mind, frustration and feeling alone and wanting to understand why. Thanks to Wendy I am now in possession to my own personal Moonology information. So many questions being answered.


Born under the Cancerian sign, general broad-brush strokes, my rising sign is Libra and its characteristics, I feel, have completed my picture. I am thankful to have been created the person I am, and now feel at peace with the woman I am meant to be. Thank you, Wendy.


Want to know more?? Contact me for a quick chat on how a Moonology reading can support your midlife journey.

Linda Stevens

I cannot recommend a Moonology reading with Wendy Fell highly enough.


She was spot on with so much of what she interpreted from my chart and her intuitive insights are amazing.

The reading confirmed a lot of what, at 57 years, I am aware of in my personality and gave me lots to think about and action.

The oracle card reading was so relevant and exciting. Now all I have to do is put the work in.


I had my Moonology reading with Wendy yesterday. I am left with such a buzz.


Wendy and I were so surprised at what came up as she knows I am a little spiritual too. I was given so much information, my Goddess and Archangel, my Rising Sign, my Moon Sign and she confirmed my Sun Sign. That was amazing. I have so much to learn about myself. I have been given a new way of looking at the New Moon and Full Moon rituals.


Using my Moonology chart will be exciting knowing I am on my own journey and following the correct path. As for my card reading all the cards were interlinked with what is going on in my life just now.


I am glad I have Invested in myself x. Wendy you are truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Thank you for all this information and your hard work that has gone Into it. Xxxxxx