Our private Facebook Magical Community


Our friendly and supportive group of like-minded women is all about bringing the best to your midlife.

Our weekly structure in the group helps you pick and mix the parts that resonate deepest with you and your needs. Whether this be mindset coaching, inspiration, spirituality or good old Wendy’s woo!!

I always encourage our members to try new things.

Personal growth has often been put well and truly on the back burner while juggling work, family and other commitments that we have as younger women.

We can lose touch with what light’s us up.

Sometimes we feel we have lost our identity completely.

In this safe space it is great to explore and try new things, ask questions and feel encouraged without any fear of judgement.

You never know what you might discover about yourself!!



We kick off the week with

Mindset Monday.

What we think we become.

As the great life coach Tony Robbins rightly said, ‘If you’re in your head you’re dead.’

So many of us get stuck with over thinking and comparing ourselves to others. I encourage you to come out of your head and listen to your heart.

As women we are intuitive beings, learning to trust our own heart is a great starting place to build confidence and take action.

We kick off the day with an Oracle card for the week and a coaching post.

Mindset tools and posts throughout the day.

I even run exercise classes throughout the week, should this be of interest.

Tuesday is inspiration.

Well, who doesn’t need some of that in their life!?

I coach with posts around who inspires you and why, what can we learn from these people.

I also share who inspires me and has so helped me move forward in living a more authentic purposeful midlife.

Wednesday, we bring in some woo.

I am a huge fan of Law of Attraction, energy work and even dabble a little in what the Universe has in store for us in way of astrology.

This stuff had been around for millennia, it is just our modern-day cynical thinking that has drained all the magic and sparkle out of our lives.

Intention and purpose are huge drivers behind making change, I love using magic and woo to help create this. We are magnets to our thoughts. Think about it, how any times have you woken up and thought ‘Today is going to be rubbish.’ After stubbing your toe on the leg of the bed. Yep, we attract more of the same, the chances are you will complete your day with a resounding, ‘I knew it was going to be bad.’

What we focus on expands.

I help shift this focus with fun and a more open way of thinking.

Thursday is mental wellbeing and general health, including nutrition.

I have training in both these areas and strongly believe we cannot separate out any one piece of the puzzle.

How we feel about ourselves has a direct impact on how we eat and self-care.

I am never here to preach. But to encourage small changes to improve the relationship you have with the most important person in your life, you.

Friday, more magic!!!

I love setting us up for the weekend on a light, positive and fun note.

We have an Oracle card and a mug of magic.

Lots of coaching quotes and energy work around what spirituality means for you.

I believe we are all individual and there is no right or wrong way. As long as what we do comes from a place of love, it’s a win, win from me.

‘Shoulds’ create division. No should for us.


Weekends are about confidence and fun.

People dip in as much or as little as they please.

On top of the weekly structure, we also have a monthly live coaching masterclass.

This can be on a number of subjects from Law of Attraction, to building confidence.

I am a huge lunar cycle fan and often pop printable worksheets on the group so you can learn and have fun with your own rituals.


Most importantly, the group is about camaraderie, support, encouragement, and accountability without judgement.

We are all on the group to learn about ourselves and feel safe doing so.