When we connect with all 3, balance is found. We feel calmer, grounded. As we go through life, many women tap more into this side of them selves, they become curious.


I use my energy within the membership for

- Motivation

- Visualisation

- Oracle Card Readings

- Mantras

Are oracle cards right for you?


Oracle decks do have tendency to feel less overwhelming than tarot cards. Both work on intuition. Sadly, for many, fear has been created around both tarot and oracle cards. I feel as women, we are naturally intuitive. In a world that can be so closed off to free thinking, we miss out on our natural ability to trust our inner knowing. Oracle cards aim to develop intuition and inspire us spiritually, they develop your third eye Chakra. When I read Oracle cards, I work with my intuition and feel energetically pulled in the right direction. Oracle cards are also often themed in many different ways, everything from cats to Angels, but are free from the religious stigma. I think of my oracle deck as an energetical charged way to receive divine messages… and simply as a tool to help you be more in touch with yourself. They are a great way of seeing our blocks and raising awareness. I just love doing 7 card readings and seeing the ‘ah ha’ moments happen. Who doesn’t like a bit of magic!!


“Where our focus goes our energy flows.”


Lets create some Fun High Vibes