""Four years ago, I attended one of Wendy’s awesome retreats. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was the catalyst I needed to find my true self, and change my life."" - I have had the pleasure of coaching Sonia and being part of her truly transformational journey.


Here's what Sonia has to say about her coaching journey... - Sonia Coles - "Deep down I knew that coaching with Wendy was an opportunity of removing the mask to my hidden fears, anxieties and traumas from my past. - Although nervous initially, I needn’t of worried, Wendy’s professional approach made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She never judged, belittled or made me feel intimidated or embarrassed. - Instead she nurtured the qualities that had laid dormant, or that I had kept hidden for so long.


She introduced me to my higher self, gave me a plethora of tools and more importantly, taught me how to use each of them. - I’ve told Wendy many deep dark issues about my life, that I had held myself in total blame for and became a prisoner of. These had made a massive impact on my life for far too long.


Wendy held my hand throughout the roller coaster of emotions – celebrating the highs and sat beside me to encourage, support and guide me through the lows. - Wendy has an empathic, nurturing nature, making me accountable and giving me that gentle push which has made my life change in the most unbelievable ways. - It has been an amazing journey, which I’m still on, but I know that I’m emerging as a stronger, more confident, braver, more accountable person, that played it safe and shied away from myself for far too long. - I would totally recommend wonderful Wendy and her magical coaching to anyone – you really have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. She has made me finally realise that I can really can do anything, that I’m ready to live. Wendy has helped me to find ‘me’, and most importantly – made me realise that I am enough."


Sandra Harnett - ‘I finally took the plunge and invested in myself as I was just feeling a little lost personally and needed some clarity on this next chapter of my life..’


How many of you midlife ladies can resonate with Sandra’s words? Feeling lost and lacking clarity? After just two months of working with me, Sandra has seen phenomenal changes, gained confidence, built new empowering beliefs, and feels like a different woman.


Here is what Sandra wrote. ‘I'm not new to coaching and have been part of a coaching group for several years now but was looking for something more personal and from different perspective. I'd been following Wendy for some time and had done a few of her masterclasses and I found I kept being drawn back to her as her style of coaching really resonated with me. I finally took the plunge and invested in myself as I was just feeling a little lost personally and needed some clarity on this next chapter of my life.


The change has been pretty phenomenal I have to say and in such a short space of time. Wendy gives me the space to explore why I act in certain ways and the tools to help push through certain behaviours. I've regained my confidence and have a new belief in myself that had been buried for so long.


I love Wendy's no-nonsense approach and the fact she'll kick my arse when it's needed, hold me accountable when I need that, be my biggest cheerleader or just listen and allow me space to look within. I feel like a different woman and can't wait for this next chapter to unfold.’




Trudie Woods - Sometimes we ‘Just know’ that changes need to happen. Intuition, gut feeling, call it what you will. Those whispers get louder. Time becomes precious, if not now, when?? Trudie writes. I was intrigued as to what a coach could do for me at a time in my life when I knew I needed to make some changes.


I didn't really know what to expect. I chose Wendy because I was already aware of Wendy's passion to help women especially those of a 'certain age'. I thought Wendy would give her all and perhaps understand more being around the same age. So far, through Wendy's coaching I feel a greater enthusiasm and excitement for life and what could lay ahead, knowing that anything is truly possible.


I am learning through NLP techniques about dealing with negative/doubting thoughts, limiting beliefs, coping with fear, and how to look after me. Results are evident to me in how I feel more empowered to deal with life's problems and know I am not alone in these; we all have tough times.


Wendy is such a great coach and has helped me deal with 'life stuff' that I had not dealt with. Wendy is so approachable and caring - I always feel empowered and more confident after a coaching session with Wendy and feel anything is possible


Rachel Burton - I have basically been going through year on year living like I am on a treadmill full pelt and I can’t get off!!Feeling like I am so busy and tired all the time and my life is just passing me by!! I enrolled on one of Wendy’s workshops not really looking at being coached but intrigued on listening to how I can make changes for me as I had already started to make some big changes by relocating and changing living on this treadmill.


The workshop was like a light bulb moment and I felt instantly a connection to Wendy and knew I was going to invest in me by getting coaching to change my life. My life has been positively impacted from the very first session with Wendy. Opening my eyes and looking at things differently, being kinder to myself. Understanding my behaviour patterns more clearly and giving me the belief to make changes to be a better me! I have more courage and confidence, making baby steps to changing my life for me, first time ever! Working through and letting go of barriers that have been holding me back from living life for me.


I would 100% recommend Wendy, she’s excellent at her job, compassionate, a great listener and her passion simply to help me shines through. From the first session I had made changes to my life for the better. I would love other people to experience with empowering themselves with Wendy’s guidance.

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What made you look for a coach?

This year I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. I first suffered with them 20 years ago and managed to overcome them with medication and a lifestyle change. I have managed my anxiety for 10 years with no re-occurrences, however, in summer 2020 the anxiety and panic attacks returned with vengeance, and I was determined not to take medication this time. I knew that I had to find a coach to help me through this.


What made you choose Wendy?


I knew Wendy from when we were both part of a franchise about 7 years ago, the franchise dissolved and we both went onto run our own successful fitness businesses. I continued to follow Wendy on Facebook, and when she changed her business to Magical Midlife the service she offered really appealed to me. She helps and coaches women in their midlife, helping them to live a full and happy life by improving confidence, mental and physical health. Wendy’s passion in her work and her genuine desire to help her clients shines through, and I contacted her to see if she could help me.


How has it impacted your life?


I was in a very bad way when I first contacted Wendy, I felt I was a hopeless case and was beyond help. I filled out a comprehensive questionnaire for Wendy before our first session, my responses to her questions were all bleak and pessimistic. I had no idea how Wendy could turn my attitude and life around. But she did! I can now mostly control my negative thoughts, I use processes that she’s taught me to help me see the positive and joy in my life. I’m still learning and I still use Wendy as my coach, but the difference in the past 2 months has been phenomenal.


What has helped you most so far?


Wendy has helped me transform my limiting self-belief. Before my sessions with Wendy, I felt that I couldn’t turn off my negative feelings and thoughts, I felt that I would have these with me forever. Wendy showed me different practices and approaches that I could use in my daily life to help me combat my demons. During our sessions, Wendy seeks out exactly what my triggers are and has helped “bullet proof” me, so that I have techniques I can use when I feel a negative thought enter my brain. I particularly like the “count all the blue things in the room in 1 minute” exercise we did together, it resonated with me. I refer to this a lot.


What results have you seen?


The results have transformed me! I no longer feel hopeless, I feel lots of joy. Wendy has shown me how to feel joy as much as I possibly can. I have practices in place to help me overturn my negative life. My personality trait requires me to be in control of my life, I am more in control when I see joy and can visualise my future. I have greater control over my ability to be at my best more often. I am able to plan and live a fulfilled life without dread and sadness. I am looking forward to the future now.


What would you say to anyone thinking of having Wendy as a coach?


I would highly recommend Wendy, not only is she a very knowledgeable coach, she understands what women in midlife need. She takes time to get to know you and anticipates your needs. She is very professional and offers the personal touch too. She is passionate about what she does to help women. I feel very comfortable working with her; I’m put at ease and feel I can talk freely. She has helped me, my goal when I started working with Wendy was to not take medication, but to manage my anxiety using thought process and have practices in place for when I needed them. I’m not saying I’m completely 100% cured, but I know I can take on most things that are thrown my way, and if I can’t then I know I have Wendy behind me.


I have no doubt that Wendy can help any woman who needs to make a change in their life.